Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Choose Organo Gold ?

3 Reasons Why We Should Choose Organo Gold?

Reason # 1

This is the time, if you want to be a placed yourself  in the Top chain in MLM International Network-Marketing Organization similar to Amway, Herbalife, Nu Skin, Monavie or Tupperware......USUALLY  WE MISSED THOSE OPPORTUNITIES.....But Fortunately Today we have One golden Opportunity to be among the on the TOP not only in Malaysia but through-out Asia!!!!

2012 and 2013 Top Earners By 3rd Party Review

Organo Gold (Less then 3.5 years) & Amway (50 years) Top the List. Thus, If you choose Organo Gold & Amway, you are on the right track. 

Estimated $ Earnings per Year (Based on actuals)

Reason  #2

Here's a quote from Paul Getty,“If you want to be RICH, You must do BUSINESS and sell CONSUMABLE products. In Order for you to do business, you must WORK!” 

Organo Gold are CONSUMABLEs indeed !! Everyone drink these beverages at home !! 
Why not just change to Organo Gold Brand and you earn your way to Success !
Besides Organo Gold products taste much better. 
Try Sampling Yourself. 
Change your Tea to Organo Tea,
 Change your Milo to Organo Hot Chocolate and 
Change your Nescafe to Organo Coffee, Mocha, Latte or what have you !! 

More-over Organo Gold Coffee is a much healthier beverages. 

Organo Beverages contains Ganoderma Lingzhi !!.....

History shown the use of Ganoderma began 4000 years in the Ancient East. 

Known as KING OF HERBS, It Posseses EXTRAORDINARY HEALING PROPERTIES which  improves personal health & well-being.. 

ALL in ALL, The Combination of Ganoderma and Coffee is simply Genius !!

Reason #3

 Simple Marketing Plan, YES ! through Free Sampling of Products!!. which doesnt't involve Selling !! 

Organo  Products are of high quality and it speaks for itself ..You'll be your own testimonial...

Now that's what it means by drinking the Coffee that Pays you...

Check out Organo Compensation Plan for your-self. Organo ROCKS !!

What Warren Buffet on Network Marketing...

Entrepreneur, speaker, author and mentor Ed Mercer shares his philosophy on Entrepreneurship, Living Debt-Free, Business Integrity, Humanitarianism, and Creating Generational Wealth that have allowed him to become what he is today with only an 8th grade education.

ED Mercer, though a Billionaire still keen to join the International Organo Family... Now that's privilege indeed.. 

OG Japan

Organo Gold in Taiwan

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to participate in this Franchising / Net-work-Marketing biz for Malaysian OG Family?

1.Register as a member @RM80 and purchase the business package - Bronze, Silver or Gold package. GOLD package is a proven package for you to be successful in the business.

Bronze = RM450   Silver = RM1380  Gold = RM3380

2.Start your sampling activity immediately. The purpose of 
sampling is to get feedback on the products and and if they like
 it, invite them to take a look at the opportunity by showing
 them the plan or by inviting them to our business preview.
Attend the business preview as often as possible. This is the key 
activity that you must do in building your business. Bring your
 prospects to the preview in order for them to be more
convinced and raise their belief in the opportunity. 
The more people you bring to the preview the faster your business will
 grow. Our experience speakers will help you to close the 
prospects. We have proven to achieve 95% success in our daily 
preview. Our Biz preview held on interval basis @ Penang Island,
 Main-Land, through-out Malaysia .

3. Team-work is the key to Success. Our Up-line would render
support to you at any time. 

4. Register yourself at for extra
 knowledge and guidance. There are videos and reading 
materials that will definitely help you to do it right

5. Subscribes to - To get latest news
 and also great mentorship from the Diamonds around the world

6. Visit - For testimonials on success stories
around the world. There are a lot of great videos to watch that
 will raise your belief and knowledge on the OG opportunity
that is doing good to thousands of families across the globe to
 live a more meaningful life that equally yours to achieve too.
The secret to our success is to follow the proven System :
How Do I Get Started ( Sign Up as Distributor )
 ( The 4 Steps to success) 
Learn it, Apply it, and Teach it.. Do it again and again- SUCCESS IS YOURS

Organo Gold Compensation Plan as explained.

Using a forced matrix “Power Teamwork Platform” you can sponsor as many people as you wish but after sponsoring three individuals on your first level, others will populate below the first level.

You are helping each other grow your business organizations.
You can actually earn money from representatives placed beneath you by those above you in the organization.
Why Prosperity Is Within Hands-Reach With Organo Gold
When was the last time Starbucks paid you for drinking or sharing their coffee? 
  • Organo Gold has 7 different ways for us to generate cash. They’ve simplified the process of generating money so that everyone could win.
  • Over 400 Billion coffee drinkers in the world.
  • Statistics show that the US consume over 400 millions cups daily!
  • Most people drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day.
  • Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world (next to water).
  • Coffee is the 2nd Most traded commodity in the world (next to oil).
  • Organo Gold Ganoderma products are priced cheaper than coffee shops like Starbucks(whether your buying it at wholesale or retail).

Wouldn’t You Have Liked To Invest In Starbucks Back In 1971?

Records show that in 2002 Starbucks served an average of 20 million customers a week. Now that’s just Starbucks alone. Not to mention all of the other big and small named coffee shops and restaurants. Nowadays, everyone has their hands in coffee.
One main point you must consider is that everyone sells coffee, but none of your big or small named coffee shops or restaurants sell a ”Healthy Coffee” with no caffeine like Organ Gold, with Ganoderma infused in it.
Furthermore, you can have Organo Gold’s healthy coffee for less than RM2.50 per cup. Not bad for a beverage that’s healthy, huh? Unlike other places where you may spend as much as RM15 for a cup of coffee without the healthy benefits. ** Do note that we are talking about Quality Gourmet Coffee here.
organo gold its easy its simple its coffee

Organo Gold Compensation Plan (7 Ways To Grow Your Business)

  1. Retail Profits - Paid Daily for Personal Sales & Weekly for Internet Sales.
As an Organo Gold distributor when you sell Organo Gold’s products to Retail Customers in person or through your personalized Organo Gold website, you earn the difference between the wholesale price and the selling price.
  1. Fast Start Bonus - Paid Weekly! (Fast Cash)
When a distributor enrolls with an OG Builder Pack, as their sponsor you will earn a Fast Track Bonus of RM50 (Bronze), RM150 (Silver), or RM350 (Gold) per pack, depending on the pack sold.
  1. Dual Team Bonus - Paid Weekly! (Long-term)
The Dual Team Bonus aspect of the plan is calculated through your placement tree, which has two teams, a right leg and a left leg. You will be compensated based on successfully building sales volume within your placement tree.Your sponsor (or anyone else in your placement tree) may place new reps in your placement tree (under you).
As your group begins to grow, you can earn Dual Team Commissions based on the Total Sales Volume generated in your lesser volume team. Only Promotional Builder Packs and First Orders are calculated for Dual Team Commissions.
Organo Gold will pay up to 10% matching volume on both right and left teams. This equivalent to 20% of the Lesser Team’s total CV or Commissionable Volume is based on the lesser team CV for Qualified Representatives.
  1. Unilevel Bonus - Paid Monthly! (Provides Stability)
The primary percentage of your lifetime residual income.
You will receive bonuses from product orders and reorders generated in your organization for a number of levels deep.
(Excluding OG Builder Packs and 1st Time Orders)
  1. Unilevel Matching Bonus - Paid Monthly! (Promotes Team Leadership)
Organo Gold will compensate you for up to 50% of the Unilevel Bonus earned by your personally sponsored Representatives’ Unilevel Bonus. The more you personally refer and the higher your rank, Organo Gold rewards you as you build your organization.
  1. Generational Bonus - Paid Monthly! (Promotes Building leadership)
As you develop Leadership within your organization, your rewards grow exponentially. When you reach the level of Regional Consultant (or above), and as you develop new Regional Consultants (and above) within your organization, you will be paid down to as many as four (4) generations of Regional Consultant (and above). In some instances, you may be paid an Infinite number of levels.
  1. Global Bonus Pool - Paid Quarterly! (Grow With The Company)

Leadership and Service have its Ultimate Reward. This bonus is allocated in direct proportion to one’s contribution to the total Unilevel CV. This encourages low volume participants to work with their sponsors and build their Organo Gold business thanks to the rewarding Global Bonus Pool payout’s. This rewards High Volume Leaders to reach beyond their dreams and continue to building the company and their future.

Terdapat 7 cara untuk menjana Income melalui Organo Gold :-

1. Jualan Runcit 

Jualan runcit adalah asas Peluang  Organo Gold.

 Dengan menjual Produk OrganoGold kepada

 pelanggan runcit, anda boleh mendapat 

keuntungan  sehingga 100%(Dibayar harian

 dan / atau Mingguan)

2. Fast Track Bonus

Anda boleh mula membuat wang segera

Memperoleh RM50- RM350 pada setiap Pek 

Produk OG tanpa had kepada jumlah pek yang 

anda jual(Dibayar Mingguan).

3. Dual Team Bonus

Bekerjasama dan mengembangkan rangkaian

 andaMembina, memimpin dan memberi 

motivasi kepada dua pasukan perniagaan 

dengan satu di kiri dan satu  di sebelah 

kanan anda, dan mereka berpotensi boleh 

mendapat sehingga RM150,000

(Dibayar Mingguan ) 

4.Bonus Unilevel

Ia akan menjadi pendapatan utama anda

Menerima bonus daripada pesanan-pesanan 

produk dan semula perintah yang dijana dalam

 kumpulan andasehingga sembilan level

(Dibayar Bulanan)

5.Bonus Matching Unilevel

Membangunkan pasukan peribadi anda.

Anda layak 

untuk mendapat peratusan BonusUnilevel yang 

diperolehi oleh Pengedar anda yang Ditaja Peribadi ,

 sehingga 4 level.(Dibayar Bulanan)

6.Bonus Generasi

Menjadi Ketua OG dan meraih ganjaran.

Anda boleh mendapat bonus tambahan sehingga

empat generasi pengedar yang layak dari

sapphire dan ke atas. (DibayarBulanan)

7.Bonus Global (Pool)

Ganjaran yang muktamadAnda digalakkan

 untuk mencapai diluar dugaan andadan layak

 dalam berkongsi 3% daripada Jumlah 

dagangan komisen Unilevel seluruh dunia

(Diperolehi bulanansuku tahunan Modal.)

Malaysia Soft Launching by - YBhg. Dato Seri Talaat Bin Haji Husain

YBhg. Dato Seri Talaat Bin Haji Husain, SPCM, DPCM, DPMP, JSD, PJK, PJM serves as Chairman of Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). 

YBhg. Dato Seri Bin Haji Husain served as Secretary-General of Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs from 2004 to 2007. 

He served as Secretary-General of Ministry of Youth and Sports., since 2003. He served as Deputy Secretary-General, Ministry of Youth and Sports since 2002. 

In 1998, he served as Mayor of Ipoh City. He serves as an Independent Director of Silver Bird Group Berhad, Konsortium Logistik Berhad and Mizuho Bank Corporation Malaysia. 

He has been an Independent and Non-Executive Director of Shell Refining Co. Bhd since June 1, 2007 and also serves as its Senior Independent and Non-Executive Director. 

He serves as a Director of Outward Bound Trust of Malaysia. YBhg. Dato Seri Bin Haji Husain received Masters in Professional Studies, 

Major in International Planning from Cornell University, USA., Senior Executive Program from London Business School, UK and Advanced Management Program from Havard Business School, USA.

Most importantly, he used to sit on the approving authority awarding MLM business Licensing in Malaysia.